Chaplain Dave Downing
Weddings - Renewal of Vows - Funerals

Shown in tin-type picture taken at the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Bull Run in Virginia. Portraying civil war era chaplain.


Lt. Chaplain - First Responder Chaplains

To me religion and belief isn't what you do in a church specifically - it's how you live your life every day and treat friends, family and anyone you come in contact with throughout your time here on Earth.

I grew up in the Lansing area. Most of my professional experience has been in broadcasting - primarily radio. Now being retired from that I'm free to enjoy other things.

You may have noticed the black and white picture on this page. I've been involved with civil war re-enacting for several years, most recently portraying a chaplain at events.

Ordained minister with
First Responder Chaplains. Also involved with the Capital Area Critical Incident Stress Management Team, a volunteer organization that works with area police and fire agencies.

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